New Yoga Group Starting in 2019:

Yoga for Anxiety Management, 8 week series

This is an eight week yoga group series for adult women focusing on using yoga techniques and philosophy as well as psychotherapy techniques to help manage symptoms of anxiety. Each group consists of a discussion and yoga practice. We will cover how to use yoga on and off the mat to live a full life that moves you in the direction of your values. Members will:

  • Learn about the neuro-psychological components of anxiety and how to create change in the brain to become more resistant to anxiety

  • Learn why a yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice can be helpful in managing symptoms of anxiety and changing the brain

  • Learn and practice proven yoga practices (including postures, breathing techniques, meditations, mindfulness and relaxation practices) that are helpful in calming and training the brain

  • Learn about the vagus nerve and how yoga can help increase vagal tone and turn on the relaxation system

  • Practice listening to your body, noticing areas of constriction and tension and consciously applying relaxation techniques to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system

  • Learn about common thought patterns that lead to anxiety and how to work with those thoughts by reducing thought fusion and increasing mindfulness and connection with your authentic self. We can’t always control our thoughts, but if we learn to use mindful awareness to find space from our thoughts we can decide which thoughts move us in the direction of our values.

  • Learn some components of yoga philosophy and Buddhist Psychology and their perspective on well-being

  • Awareness of your inner critic and stories that limit you. Learn cognitive techniques to challenge these limiting beliefs and how to replace them with self-compassion

  • Have clear strategies to practice at home between sessions

Date: Series begins on Wednesday, February 6th and goes through April 3rd (group will not meet the week of March 6th) Time: Wednesdays 8-9:30 PM Location: Yoga Studio at 289 Little Street SE, Atlanta, GA 30315

This group is appropriate for those in eating disorder and/or substance abuse recovery. Group is forming now, limited to 6 members. Groups are $65/session billed weekly, 8-week commitment required. Series begins on February 5th. Please contact me to schedule an initial interview if you are interested in joining this group series.

New Monthly Yoga Class Starting in 2019:

Yoga to Support Eating Disorder Recovery and Body Acceptance

This is a monthly 60-minute yoga class open to women in recovery for an eating disorder and/or anyone working on body acceptance. Beginners and all levels welcome. The class focuses on themes of letting go of judgement and competition, listening to and respecting your body, tuning in to the present moment, practicing body gratitude, self-compassion and more.

Pre-registration is required for this class as space is limited. $25/class billed upon registration. Please contact me if you are interested in this monthly class. Next class time and location TBD.

What is the difference between a Yoga Group and a Yoga Class?

My yoga group series differ from a yoga class because they combine a psychotherapy group experience with experiential yoga practice. They are psycho-educational in nature and provide time for the members to share about their experiences and practice. We have time in the group to discuss yoga topics, share experiences and also practice yoga. The yoga techniques practiced in the groups are designed to help in management of symptoms of anxiety and depression by improving self-regulation. Group members are provided with education in yoga philosophy and will learn which yoga techniques that are supported by research in neuroscience and stress and anxeity management.

I make effort to ensure my groups and classes are body positive and accepting. My yoga groups and classes are always trauma sensitive.